Terms & Conditions Of Membership with Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts.



Welcome to Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between us and you the Parent/Guardian and member. It is a legally binding agreement and these rules are important to maintain high standards, well being and ensure maximum enjoyment is had by all parties.

All members of Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts will take part in our production and weekly rehearsals upon payment of membership fees.  A 10% discount is offered for siblings.

Payments: A Deposit £100 upon joining/renewing with the balance paid monthly thereafter.

Fees: Dependant on each production and length of term.

Upon receipt of your first payment membership placement is secured for the term/production and includes all weekly classes/rehearsals, class/rehearsal materials, tuition, performance(s) at South Mill Arts (subject to licence and Government Guidelines). We do not charge a Show Fee, as these are covered by production ticket sales. Members polo shirt is included. We would encourage all members to see the whole term through to gain the maximum experience of taking to the stage. If however membership is terminated we require a minimum of two months’ notice and membership fees will be adjusted/invoiced pro rata.

Our preferred payment method of fees is by online banking and our bank details are:

Bank: HSBC

Account Name: BSMTC Juniors Limited

Account Number: 81746898

Sort Code: 401203

Reference: Please use your child’s name as payment reference


As part of membership and included within fees, all members will be required at all rehearsals to wear a company polo shirt and must be worn at any promotional events. For rehearsals we would recommend comfortable foot wear , dark coloured jogging bottoms/track suit bottoms or suitable leggings. For girls, hair to be tied up in a pony tail or bun.

Promoting The Show/Production:

All members will be involved in promoting our show and this will include promotional photographs for our printed and digital media, show program, local newspapers and Bishops Stortford Town Carnival and other events.

Photography/Video recording;

Permission is given to Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts  to take photographs and / or video of my child.

I grant Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes to help achieve the group’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.

Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy can be found at www.bsa-performingarts.co.uk


Our Child Protection Policy can be found at www.bsa-performingarts.co.uk

Covid Policy:

Our Covid Policy can be found at www.bsa-performingarts.co.uk/covid-19-procedure/


We would encourage all parents & guardians to assist their child with learning lines and song words and welcome assistance during our busy show week and promotion of our show. Please do follow and share us on social media.


  • The purpose of this document is to establish clear rules and guidelines so that all Members, Directors, Production Teams, Parents, Guardians and helpers, understand the boundaries within which Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts operates, and what will happen when the rules have been breached.
  • The Code Of Conduct is designed to outline a fair and consistent system to deal with any breach of rules. The objective is to emphasise and encourage improvements in individual conduct. A full investigation may be undertaken into the circumstances of any breach of the Code Of Conduct and it may be necessary to suspend an individual dependent on the nature of the offence.
  • Whilst the Director and the Production Team have the authority to temporarily suspend someone, it is the responsibility of the management to hold an investigation and deal with all breaches of discipline.


It is the Director, Production Team and management’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of all members whilst they are rehearsing and performing. It is also their intention to apply the rules and code equally and fairly to all members regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, social status or disability.


  • General behaviour must be of a high standard and reflect favourably on Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts . Everyone who is associated with Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts must understand that the reputation and image of Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts is paramount.
  • Punctuality is essential. In order for the Director to start the rehearsals on time and in consideration of other members, all members must be at rehearsals at the times stated on the rehearsals schedules or as verbally requested by the Director. If anyone is unable to attend a rehearsal, a member of either the Creative Team or management must be informed at the earliest opportunity – the Director may be able to reschedule the rehearsal if given advance notice.
  • All Members mobile phones must be switched off during rehearsal sessions at all times unless otherwise instructed or agreed by the Director.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up. In the interest of child safety, parents who drop off members must escort them into the building and wait until they are safely under the supervision of the Creative Team & management on duty. Similarly, after the rehearsal, parents/guardians are responsible for their children when they leave the rehearsal room.
  • Any forms of abuse or threatening behaviour (physical or verbal) will not be tolerated. This rule will include, the use of abusive language, bullying, threatening behaviour, any form of physical violence or being disrespectful to another member, the Production Team, the Committee or helpers.
  • The consumption of alcohol, smoking and use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden for any member of Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts .


  • In the event of any member acting or behaving inappropriately, the attention should be drawn to the Director or creative/management team.
  • The Director or creative/management team will clarify the situation and using their personal judgement may ask the alleged perpetrator of the behaviour or conduct to stop, explaining the consequences of failing to do so.
  • Should the Director or a a member of the creative/management team find it necessary to “sanction or discipline” any member during a rehearsal or show, the creative/management team may follow up the action in writing to the member or their parents/guardian. The likely sanctions are described below:

Minor Breaches: Arriving late to rehearsal sessions, acting without respect for other members, using mobile phones in rehearsal sessions, not observing the authority of the Director, Production Team, Creative Team, Management or helpers.

Moderate Breaches: Repeated acts of minor breaches of the Code Of Conduct, discrimination against other members and adults in authority, showing a poor standard of behaviour which reflects unfavourably on Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts , smoking or drinking alcohol, encouraging others to break the Code Of Conduct.

Serious Breaches: Any form of abuse, bullying, threatening behaviour or any form of physical violence, repeated acts of serious misconduct, taking or encouraging others to take illegal or legal substances or practices that could cause harm, disregard for health and safety and acting in a manner that will jeopardise the safety of others.

  • This list is not exhaustive and can be changed anytime at the discretion of the Committee. It is a requirement for all members, parents/guardians, Director, Production Team, Creative Team and the management to adhere to these rules at all times.


  • In the case of abusive language, bullying, threatening behaviour and any form of physical violence during a rehearsal or a show – those concerned will be asked to leave the room under supervision until their parent/guardian is able to collect them.
  • Those who disrupt rehearsals or repeatedly disregard the Director or Production Team’s instructions may also be asked to leave the room (as above).
  • The Director, Production Team, Creative Team & Management will always take into consideration the safety and welfare of all members, including the perpetrator of the incident, when instructing that person to leave the room. It is not the Director, Production team, Creative team or Managements responsibility to inform parents/guardians prior to this instruction being made.
  • The behaviour and conduct of a member, parent/guardian or carer is ultimately their own responsibility.
  • The management have the responsibility and power to enforce the following sanctions;

In cases of minor breaches of the Code Of Conduct a verbal warning will be issued.

In cases of persistent minor breaches or a serious breach of the Code Of Conduct, a written warning will be issued.

If there is no improvement following the written warning a final warning letter will be sent and the Committee can request a parent/guardian is present during the rehearsal/show sessions. This letter will also inform the member, parent/guardian that membership will be withdrawn in one month if poor behaviour persists.

In cases of persistent breaches or a very serious breach of the Code Of Conduct the individual concerned could be asked to leave.


  • In the case of an appeal against a decision, the member will be given the opportunity to appeal within seven days upon receipt of the Company’s decision, if they wish to defend their behaviour.
  • Any appeal must be made in writing to the company. The appeal will be heard by the management at a mutually convenient time for both parties.

By ticking the box you confirm you have read and agreed our terms of membership and provide consent for photography and videos.


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