Our Community’s wellbeing is our number one priority as such we will continue to follow the latest Government and Public Health Advice.

Bishops Stortford Academy of Performing Arts will safeguard our students and staff and teachers through:

  • Full Covid-19 Procedures
  • All students and staff are to remain socially distanced
  • Group Sizes of 15 (max) to create ‘Bubbles’
  • Regular contact point cleaning and deep-cleaning
  • Regular hand washing protocol
  • No parents or carers allowed rehearsal/classrooms

If a student has been asked to self-isolate or they or a member of their household shows symptoms of Covid-19 when they are due to attend classes, they will not be able to attend.  In this instance, a student will be able to return to classes upon verification such as test result or communications from the NHS Test & Trace program.

Students class payment will be frozen during this period of isolation. Any over-payment will either be credited to the overall balance oustanding and if no balance is outstanding it will be refunded.

If a student or member of their household tests postive for Covid-19 whilst classes are running you will need to notify us immediately and that student will no longer be able to attend on site for quarantine period.

In the event of a student experiencing Covid-19 symptoms during classes they will leave the ‘bubble’ immediately and we would ask you to follow the guidance on the NHS Track & Trace.

In the event of a student testing position with Covid-19 within 14 days of taking party in a class, you must notify the office immediately and include our organisation within your NHS Track & Trace submission.

In the event of a national or local lockdown resulting in attendance and rehearsals not being possible, everything will be immediately frozen until such time as classes can be resumed safely.

In the event of a national or local lockdown affecting a scheduled Show Production we will immediately attempt to rechedule the show at the earliest possible date available and may choose to change venue for any production to faciliate staging the show.

In the unlikely event that a show or production is cancelled, there will no refund of membership fees but tickets for any production purchased are refundable by The Box Office.

If you are over 12 year’s old you will need wear a face covering/mask in all open public areas of South Mill Arts Theatre including the toilets.

At present, face coverings/masks are not required in classrooms/dance studios.

We will endeavour, where possible to keep friends together.

Students will be in the same ‘bubble’ for the duration of each term and group sizes will be kept to no more than 15 so we can ensure social distancing.

Our community and students well-being is our number 1 priority and we shall strictly follow the latest Government and Public Health’s advice at all times.

All of our students take part in all of our performances. For the 2020-21 term we are looking to undertake our production of High School Musical Jr which is suited for 7 to 12 year olds in late January 2021.  After that performance, we will commence work on a new production to be staged in July 2021.

Older Students, 12 to 18 year olds will commence a seperate production aimed at offering a more challenging opportunity commensurate with their age.

The first two classes are considered “trial classes”.  If for any reason membership is not suitable please let us know before the 3rd week and we will refund you for the remaining classes you won’t be attending.

Normally our students join us in September, October and January.  However, as long as a class has space our Creative Team are often able to accommodate additional students throughout the term.  Please contact us to discuss joining throughout a term.

Theatre Students are expect to wear a company branded Polo Shirt, along with black leggings or jogging bottoms as we believe this creates a level of professionalism and a sense of belonging and makes sure our Students are safe as all our classes involve movement.

Students with long hair should also have this tied back.

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