Musical Theatre & Stage School

This is our Musical Theatre and Stage School classes for 12-18 year olds. These 2 hour classes full of challenging exercises especially designed to boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our creative team will work with your Teens to put on West-End or Broadway shows at South Mill Arts Theatre, Bishop Stortford.  We use projection, professional lighting and costumes to give them a real experience on stage performing in front of a live audience.

This is a great opportunity to develop action, dance and singing skills with a group of similar aged students who will work as a team for the production. Our members work with our dedicated professional team of Directors, Choreographers, Musical Director and an incredible production team, with many years’ experience.

Company Membership to join us in September is now OPEN to form the cast of our next iconic production to be staged at South Mill Arts Theatre, Bishops Stortford

This show is currently on tour so we cannot publicise our production until October… we can only tell our existing members what the show is!  So, for now all we can tell you is…

This 1978 American musical romantic comedy based on the 1971 musical film of the same name, released on June 16th 1978, was critically and commercially the highest- grossing musical film ever!

This show will be devoted to all of you, with a real sense of how we all go together and you will be thinking about how this great show will be staged, all through the summer nights.

If you love Musical Theatre… you’ll love this show!  We are seeking an incredible cast, as we already have an amazing stage set for this absolute classic show!

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